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    Main Street Celbridge Co Kildare

  • The Mill Committee & Management
  • We are very lucky at The Mill to have a wonderful dedicated team of volunteers who make up the Celbridge Community Centre Committee.

    The committee at The Mill ensures that the centre is run in such a way that:

    • The Mill makes valuable amenities accessible to all in the Celbridge area
    • The Mill’s historical buildings are maintained in good order for future generations
    • The Mill provides plenty of local employment

    As such, all profits made in The Mill are returned back into the centre to help develop and maintain the facility.


    Thank you to all our committee members:

    Mairéad Byrne, John McLoughlin, David Trost, Michael McKenna, Maureen Abbott, 

    Stephen Johnston, Gary McNeela, Sean D’arcy and Mary Martin.



                                                                Mairéad Byrne                  Chairperson/Director

                                                               John McLoughlin               Director

                                                                David Trost                        Secretary/Director

                                                                Michael McKenna             Director

                                                                Sean Darcy                         Director




                                                                John Kenny                        Manager

                                                                Gary Manning                   Administrator

                                                                Gary McNeela                   Maintenance Manager